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Aurender, Inc.


Legacy Minimalist Audiophile Digital Output Network Transport

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Small, but Mighty!

Aurender's N100 series was a best-seller for over 6 years. It has recently been replaced with model N150, but the N100 series has provided music lovers the world over with an accessible way to love their music "The Aurender Way" - with an elegant user experience, and pristine digital signal output to an integrated amplifier or DAC. Available in three distinct configurations, N100 offers true audiophile performance from a small footprint.

  • N100H

    - 2TB HDD Included

    - Dedicated USB Audio Output

  • N100SC

    - User-installable Storage Slot for 2.5" SSD or HDD.
    - Dedicated USB Audio Output

    - Coaxial RCA

  • N100C

    - 4TB HDD Included

    - Dedicated USB Audio Output

    - Coaxial RCA SPDIF Output

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